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Frequently Asked Questions


Can children use their cellphones to call home while they’re at camp?

We do not permit cell phones at Camp Kahuna. Cell phones become a distraction and can create homesick issues. We will contact parents if there are any concerns or emergencies.

Can I send care packages to my child?

We cannot have outside food sources come into camp because of food allergies. If you child requires a special diet you can make arrangements with our camp food coordinator.

What type of training do the counsellors receive?

Our staff are part of pre-camp training. We hire experienced individuals who are passionate about working with children. All staff have CPR/first aid training and must submit a police check.

Where Do Campers sleep?

If your child comes to our sleep away camp, not the day camp, they sleep in cabins with indoor washrooms. We have two cabins that have rooms that house two campers per room. Our main building has dorm-like rooms that house 12-15 campers.

Are Campers with Behaviour Issues sent home?

We want all campers to be successful. If a camper is presenting challenging behaviour, we follow a process to remediate the behaviour.

1. Warning

2. An activity is missed - time out

3. A phone call goes home with the child present. We work with the parent to figure out a positive way of dealing with the camper.

4. If the child continues misbehaving, the child is sent home. 

It is unfair to my staff and campers if a child disrupts the camp program.

Is your camp a Peanut-Free Camp?

Yes, Camp Kahuna is a peanut-free camp. We control the food that comes into camp and make sure all food is peanut-free. We cannot guarantee that camps who have used the camp kitchen before us have not used peanut products. We thoroughly clean and disinfect all cooking and food prep surfaces. 

What is the age range of Camp Kahuna?

We have campers ages five to twelve years of age at our day camps. Campers tend to e older at our sleepaway camp: ages eight to thirteen is the age range of our sleepaway camp.

Swimming - Do You have a Lifeguard on Duty?

We have a lifeguard n duty when the campers are swimming. All campers must pass a swim test to swim in the deep end. If campers are six years old or younger, they must wear a floatation device: water wings or a lifejacket.

Why Do Campers Need to Wear Water Shoes?

All campers must wear water shoes if they are in the creek. This avoids foot injuries and keeps our campers safe.

Non Refundable Fees:

Upon registration with Camp Kahuna,  you agree to the terms and conditions of registration, which include agreeing to the Non-refundable deposit per registration. Please note: This deposit covers processing fees, which are non-recoupable to Camp Kahuna. 


Day Camp Cancellations

Canceling Before July 1st:

Cancellations processed on or before July 1st will be subject to a full refund, minus $50.00/per child, per camp. This covers the non-refundable fee that Camp Kahuna pays for registration and credit card processing fees. 

Canceling on or After July 1st:

If you cancel after July 1st the non-refundable fee increases to $100.00 per camper/camp.


If you cancel less than two weeks before camp begins you forfeit your entire fee. You have secured a camp spot, staff has been hired based on camper numbers.

Sleep-Away Cancellations

Half-week sleep-away camp - If you cancel before June 1st, you receive a refund minus the non-refundable deposit.

There are no refunds after June 1st, 2024.

Full Week Sleep-away camp If you cancel before July 1st, you receive a refund minus the non-refundable deposit.

There are no refunds after July 1st, 2024.

Rainy Days at Day Camp

Camp is on whether rain or shine. My staff prepare rainy day activities for our campers. If parents cancel because of the weather, there are no refunds or make-up days. The summer camps are full, and we cannot transfer campers into other weeks of camp as an alternative. We play in the rain. Children will have a great time if they are dressed for the weather.


Canceling for Medical Reasons

Should a cancellation occur due to a medical reason, Camp Kahuna requires a medical professional note to receive a full refund, minus one $50.00 non-refundable deposit or $100 sleep-away deposit. 

Missing Camp Due to Sickness

There are no refunds if your child misses camp due to illness.

Can Your Staff Apply Sun Screen?

Campers must come to camp with sunscreen on their bodies. If sunscreen needs to be reapplied, they can have a sibling or fellow camper help them apply it.

Why Do Campers need creek shoes?

The creek may have stones or potential hazards in it. Shoes protect the camper's feet.

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